Liberal Government playing games with our health system

This morning, both the Prime Minister and Treasurer revealed last week’s COAG income tax debate was all a strategy to call the states’ bluff.

I think what the Prime Minister did last Friday was call their bluffTreasurer, Scott Morrison

Their call for us to raise taxes has no credibility…what that means is that we have to live within our meansPrime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull

NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) General Secretary, Brett Holmes said the comments highlighted the federal government’s attitude towards public healthcare.

“It’s clear from comments made this morning that this government is playing the blame game, with no intention of taking any responsibility for our national healthcare system. Instead, they’re holding the states to ransom to avoid working towards a unified practical long-term funding strategy.

“Our state representative, Mike Baird, went along with the games, welcoming an offer that was $500 million short of the $3.4 billion he argued was needed for health. There’s been no indication of how the Baird government will make up this state’s proportion of that shortfall.

“Australians are now at a total loss, with no clear direction from our state or federal governments about how to tackle the healthcare funding crisis.

“It’s unacceptable that raising income taxes is the only option put forward by the Liberal government to counter the $57 billion worth of cuts to hit our hospitals, starting next year. Meanwhile, we’re imposing no taxes on large financial transactions and at the same time, experiencing mass multinational tax avoidance.”

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