NSWNMA slams relocation of IRC to Parramatta

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) has labelled the NSW Government’s decision to relocate the state’s industrial umpire to Western Sydney as completely nonsensical and another example of the government’s poor judgement.

Today, the NSW Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations confirmed the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW would move to Parramatta later this year or in early 2019, as part of plans to ‘decentralise government’.

General Secretary of the NSWNMA, Brett Holmes, said claims the relocation would be a “huge boost for the area” were an insult to the people of Western Sydney.

“Given the government didn’t even have the decency to properly consult Commissioners, registry staff or their union (the Public Service Association of NSW) it’s clear other motives were at play here,” said Mr Holmes.

“For the past two months, we have stood in the Commission alongside other trade union organisations and employers to comprehensively argue why the relocation should not proceed.

“This will be a significant impediment to accessing justice for the hardworking nurses and midwives we represent across the state and it will apply a further dislocation by way of additional travel to Parramatta.

“It will inevitably mean timely access to the Commission may not be possible, for example within a single day of travel. It will also impact on the listing of matters, given all attempts should be made to mitigate any time lost from work for individual members, especially those working in the Public Health System, particularly our regional members who need to fly into Sydney.

“Having ready and easy access to the Commission has been essential in resolving disputes expeditiously and effectively. This may not be possible in future.”

Currently located at 47 Bridge Street in Sydney’s CBD, the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW and its registry sits within the heritage-listed Chief Secretary’s building.

The NSWNMA said it was disappointed the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW and its staff had not been extended proper due process regarding the relocation to Western Sydney.

Download this media statement: Media_Statement_on_relocation_of_NSW_IRC

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