NSWNMA app for smartphones

violence app

The NSWNMA has launched an app for smart phones. The NSWNMA Toolkit is available in the App store on for iPhones and Google Play for your Androids.

The star of this Toolkit is the spot check calculator, which many in the public health system will be familiar with. It’s designed to help you keep track of your nursing hours on your ratios ward and if the spot check fails after a week to  inform us, but also to begin the process of requesting a formal spot check from your unit manager.

The contains a Violence Report form that can also be found on our website at this link.

There are more detailed HELP  videos on each of the tools that you can watch as often as you like once you’ve downloaded the app. We’re confident that once you get used to using it with your colleagues at work, it will be a great enforcement tool.

This video explains about the app in general.


This video explains the spot check and nurse hours calculator functions of the app.

NSWNMA Toolkit App is FREE and available to download from iTunes and Google Play store

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If you have any questions once you start using it, email gensec@nswnma.asn.au