Make a submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry

Australian Unions have produced an online tool to make it easier for you to make a submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry that is examining all aspects of workplace relations. After answering the questions, these will be turned into a submission and forwarded on your behalf to the Commission. Your experiences and those of people you know will provide the Commission with a real story of how workplaces function. So please do provide practical examples and evidence in your answers.

If you want more information about the Inquiry, you can go to the Productivity Commission Inquiry website.

Remember, you are making a public submission to the Commission and it will not publish material on its website that is offensive, potentially defamatory, or clearly irrelevant, so please keep this in mind. If you wish to make a confidential submission please go here for more information about how.

Aside from the first question, you don’t have to fill in every question, just the ones where you have something to say.

The submission form is best completed on a desktop or laptop computer. When previewing or submitting, it does take up to 20 seconds for the pages to be created.

Make an online submission using a simple online tool.


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