Ramsay Log of claims 2014

Fair staffing levels

• Implementation of key ACORN standards in the perioperative environment

• Regular discussions about workloads at ward/unit/team meetings

• Nurse/midwife in charge not to have a clinical workload i.e. no patients

• Babies to be included in patient numbers for determining staffing

• Improved access to mentoring and support of beginning practitioners

Balancing life and work

• Roster to be displayed in a convenient place for all nurses and midwives

• No time limit on when employees can arrange a shift swap

• Changes to rosters to occur only by agreement

• Long service leave accrual to increase to two weeks per annum after 10 years service

• Improved paid parental leave of 26 weeks and two weeks partner leave

• Three hour minimum engagement for casuals

• Overtime payment for casuals

• Introduction of paid leave for family and community purposes

• Where overpayment has occurred, negotiation of the repayment plan should take into account each individual’s circumstances

• Employees to be able to choose to use other leave in compassionate circumstances where required

• Accrual of leave should match shifts worked e.g. 12 hour shift workers accrue a 12 hour shift when working a public holiday

• Permanent part-time hours review to ensure contract reflects actual hours worked

Recognise professional education, skills and experience

• Increase of 5% per annum to wages and allowances

• Revise recognition of service requirements in line with industry practice

• Incremental pay progression to occur automatically following each 1,976 hours of experience

• Improved classification structure for CNSs, CNEs and CNCs

• Access to five days paid study and CPD leave per year

• Guarantee adequate work time to complete mandatory training

• Nurses and midwives to be offered opportunity complete mandatory training before being asked to change roster

• Align Enrolled Nurse classifications with AHPRA registration

Ensuring a safe workplace

• Consecutive eight hour break after being recalled to work, or payment for the next shift at double time

• Limit number of quick shifts in a seven day period

• Adequate meal breaks and rest pauses for all time worked, including overtime

• Modernise on call provisions including increasing the on call rates and additional leave for those regularly required to be on call

• Two days off per week to be consecutive and not preceded by a night shift unless 8 hours sleep time is provided

• Ten minutes paid change time for those required to change into their uniform at work

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