Ramsay makes first pay offer

Senior Ramsay management attended a meeting with the NSWNMA negotiating team on Monday 16 February and made an offer in response to your claim for improved wages, increased paid parental leave and updated and relevant ‘on call’ arrangements.

NSWNMA analyses wages offer

In response to your claim for a 5% per annum wage increase, management proposes the following increases:

  • January 2015:  2% increase to wages and allowances (already paid by administrative action)
  • July 2015:  2% increase to wages and allowances (see below for Ramsay proposal regarding on call)
  • July 2016:  2.5% increase to wages and allowances
  • July 2017:  2.5% increase to wages and allowances

Only one other large private hospital enterprise agreement has been negotiated to continue until 2017 (Healthe Care), and the increases currently proposed by Ramsay would mean your pay remains below HealtheCare nurses.

‘On-Call’ – one step forward, two steps back

In response to your ‘on call’ claims, Ramsay have offered to increase the current ‘On Call’ allowances from $30.20 to $40.00 and in the case of ‘On Call on RDO’, from $59.93 to $80.00.

The catch is that they only want to pay you two-thirds of these new rates when you are on call for 12 hours or less (i.e. $26.40 and for RDOs – $52.80).

These new 12 hour rates are below the current allowances and would mean a pay cut for all nurses and midwives rostered on-call for 12 hours or less at a time.  Ramsay proposes to increase the on-call allowances in line with other allowances from July 2016.

Improvements to resolving workload issues – not enough movement for In Charge

Other key claims relating to key items like workloads for those in charge, and access to mandatory training were discussed again.  Ramsay has agreed to include staffing issues as a regular agenda item in ward/unit meetings, included a timeframe for managers to respond when issues are raised and included some provision to encourage the facilitation of mandatory training within work time.

The Association believes that while there are some significant improvements in managing many staffing issues, management’s response to your claim for payment for all time spent completing mandatory training and improved workload for nurses and midwives in charge won’t adequately address our members’ concerns.

Small improvement to Paid Parental Leave

Ramsay management agreed to increase paid parental leave to 9 weeks, available after 12 months employment with Ramsay.

Download the status of claims as at 16 February here.

Tell us what you think!

Your Association has not agreed to these proposals.  We are consulting with members across Ramsay on the details of the offer prior to the next negotiation on 9 March.  Please make sure you have your voice heard.

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