Retirement of Minister for Health

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) has acknowledged the announcement of Minister for Health Brad Hazzard’s upcoming retirement and his six years of contribution to NSW Health.

Minister Hazzard has held differing views to the Association’s membership on many public health related topics and policies as is expected in our democracy, but he has also remained candid.

He has contributed to the public discourse on significant public policy topics including the right to safe abortion and voluntary assisted dying in NSW.

​​​​​On behalf of our 74,500 nursing and midwifery members, the Association is fighting for minimum, shift by shift safe staffing ratios to be improved and expanded across our public health system. We are continuing discussions with Minister Hazzard regarding safer staffing and we look forward to him implementing this unfinished business before his retirement.

The NSWNMA confirmed it will campaign for the next Minister for Health to deliver safe nurse-to-patient ratios, improve maternity services, and address critical staff shortages to restore confidence back into the state’s health system.

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