Robo Nurse goes international

NSWNA member Frances Usherwood’s award-winning short film Robo Nurse was screened at the fourth annual Geneva Labour Film Shorts Festival.

The festival is organised by the Global Union Communicator’s Task Force, representing all global union federations, the International Trade Union Confederation and Trade Union Advisory Committee. It features films by, for and about unions and working people, telling workers’ stories of confronting the challenges caused by the extreme imbalance in power between the transnational corporate elite and working people.

Frances’ film, which took out the top prize in last year’s inaugural NSWNA Short Film Festival, was even subtitled in French to make sure the locals in Switzerland understood it.

The film (and its successor Robo Nurse 2, which won second prize in this year’s NSWNA Short Film Festival) is a futuristic thriller in which critical nursing shortages are addressed by replacing human nurses with robotic ones.

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