Roz Norman Scholarship Rules

This scholarship recognises that Roz Norman was an outstanding activist, member leader, branch official and Councillor of the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association and Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (NSW Branch) who demonstrated that members can develop skills and experience as a branch official that can be used for social and humanitarian good beyond their own workplace into the wider community.

Who can apply?

Members of the Association who are branch officials or who can demonstrate member leader qualities can apply.

The applicant must be a financial Member or Associate Member of the Association.

The scholarship is only open to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

What is the Scholarship?

All grants shall be made to financially assist members of the Association in the furtherance of the pursuit of the objects of the Association especially noting Rule 3 (u) to aid and join with any other body, association or organization which has as its objects the furtherance of humanitarian, social or community causes. Rule 3 (V) Authorises Council of the NSWNMA to endow and maintain a scholarship or scholarships upon such terms or conditions as Council may from time to time think proper.

Scholarships will be awarded as a contribution towards an approved course that promotes activism and the development of campaigning skills or public advocacy. The scholarship may also provide ongoing financial support for reasonable costs associated with campaigning for a period of one year.

If you are not sure of the eligibility of a course for this scholarship, please contact the Scholarship Administrator.

Successful recipients are required to report back to Committee of Delegates (COD) in the form of a presentation or report to be tabled as correspondence at the end of the scholarship period. The Association will cover reasonable travel and accommodation costs to facilitate report back in person.

Scholarship Value

The value of each scholarship is at the determination of the selection committee. The scholarship covers fees for an approved course promoting activism and the development of campaigning skills or public advocacy, including ongoing financial support for reasonable costs associated with campaigning for a period of one year, up to a maximum of $5,000.

How are scholarships awarded?

The awarding of scholarships is at the absolute discretion of the Roz Norman Scholarship selection committee as determined by the Council of the Association.

Money for scholarships will be paid in Australian dollars directly to the recipient. If the committee receive a request for money to be paid to an overseas account, then the money will be given in Australian dollars determined according to the official currency rates at the date of approval of the scholarship.

In the event of illness or other reason preventing the fulfilment of the terms of the scholarship, the Council of the Association is to be advised. The Council may then determine whether any monies shall be returned or an application for extension will be considered by the committee.

A scholarship may be suspended or terminated at any time during its currency, either at the recipient’s request or, if in the opinion of the committee:

  1. the recipient’s performance is unsatisfactory;
  2. the recipient fails to observe the conditions of the scholarship;
  3. the recipient fails to undertake the course or meet the terms of the scholarship;
  4. financial records outlining campaign expenses are not provided on request of the committee; or
  5. the recipient fails to provide a report to the designated COD.

If a scholarship is terminated or suspended as above, all monies of the scholarship must be returned within four (4) weeks of the suspension or termination by the recipient.

Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing by no later than one week following the meeting of the Roz Norman Scholarship selection committee where their application was assessed.

How do I apply?

Applications must be made online via the Roz Norman Scholarship page on the Association website.

Applications may be made between 1 July and 30 September annually. The applications will then be assessed by the Roz Norman Scholarship selection committee. Applications outside of this period will not be accepted in any circumstance.

You will be required to complete and submit the following when completing the online application. 

Do not commence the online application process till you have obtained all of the required supporting information and documentation outlined below as you will need to submit this when completing your application:

  • Online application form
  • NSWNMA member number and date joined
  • Information regarding your scholarship request
    • A brief outline of the cause and how the course will aid in the furtherance of this cause
    • Name of course/study, facility/venue and course provider
    • Expected commencement and completion dates
  • Budget details for course costs (including travel and accommodation if applicable)
  • One written and signed statement of support (see below for more information)
  • A copy of your current ‘Authorisation to Practice’ (Registration). Applicable to RNs, Midwives and ENs only
  • Your current CV/Resume
  • Any other supporting documentation you may deem relevant for the selection committee such as, course outline, current enrolment (if available).

The statement of support should outline the applicants’ capacity to undertake the proposed course or study and state what advantage the proposed course or study would be to the furtherance of trade union, humanitarian, social or community causes.

The statement of support must be from one of the following:

  • Senior member of the nursing or midwifery profession
  • Branch Official of the NSWNMA / ANMF NSW Branch
  • Non-Government organisation who you will be campaigning with.

Proof of enrolment / registration in a course is only required if you are successful in obtaining a scholarship and monies are not issued until such evidence is provided.

All successful applicants will also be required to sign a letter confirming receipt of the scholarship funds once they have been transferred and received. Failure to return this confirmation within the designated time-frame will result in the applicant forfeiting their scholarship and they will be required to return the awarded funds to the Association.

All successful applicants are also required to supply a report for presentation to the COD within 3 months of the completion of their course / conference / study or research program, which will become the property of the Association to publish if it so wishes.

Applications open from 1 July annually and the receipt of a completed online application with all associated documents must be received by 30 September.

Click here to complete the online application form.

For enquiries, please contact the Association:
Metro: (02) 8595 1234
Rural: 1300 367 962