Strike action will go ahead on Wednesday 24 July

The strike and Special General Meeting of members at Sydney Olympic Park and 17 regional webcast venues will go ahead next Wednesday 24 July at 11.30 am. One hundred and sixty five NSWNMA branches have voted so far to endorse the NSWNMA Council’s recommendation to strike.

When our hospitals are unsafe, it’s our responsibility as professionals to act. We are taking this action for our profession and for all future patients in our care.Government needs to see that you are serious about patient careThe Government is not listening to our voices, so we have no choice but to take this last resort action to stand up for patient safety.

We need to send a strong message that nurses and midwives will not be silenced and that our claim for improved and extended ratios is the right solution to guarantee better patient outcomes. We need as many members as possible to attend to show we are serious.

Branches are now organising travel to their chosen meeting locations. Locations are listed below.

If you want a seat on NSWNMA-chartered buses, it is critical that you book a seat by letting your Branch Official know asap that you’re committed to attending. No buses will be booked after midday, Monday 22 July.

Wear your NSWNMA blue campaign scrubs on Wednesday – available for $20 on the day at Sydney Olympic Park.

Only NSWNMA members are protected during action

If you take action next Wednesday, your pay can be docked but only for the specific period you are not at work. If you work part of a shift that day, you must be paid for that time. If you are not rostered to work (including having swapped your shift), your pay cannot be docked for joining the action. Individuals are protected because they are Association members. An individual cannot be sued for taking action. However, the Association cannot protect any nurse or midwife who is not a financial member. Ask your colleagues who are not yet members to join.

Get the facts from

Rely on NSWNMA for the correct facts. Be alert to possible misinformation designed to dissuade you from joining the strike.

The action includes all public health system nurses and midwives, because you are all covered by the Award claim.

In 2011, we stood together and achieved a massive breakthrough to introduce the first phase of a guaranteed ratios system. It’s time to stand together again and take the next step.

Strike action will go ahead

Meeting locations

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