Strike tomorrow for safe patient care


The NSW Government needs to see that you are serious about improving the ratios system as the way to deliver safer patient care, so it’s critical that we make the 18 statewide meetings tomorrow as big as possible.

Stand together with your colleagues as we fight for justice for our patients and the integrity of the public health system.

The Government hopes that a small pay rise for 2013 will shut down your claim for legally enforceable, improved nurse to patient ratios. Don’t let the Government interpret a lack of participation tomorrow as support for its position.

You can still join the webcast action!

18 cities and towns will be joined by webcast tomorrow, with the action from Sydney Olympic Park streamed live to the regional meetings.

Come along! Be part of nurses and midwives from across NSW taking a stand for our profession and our patients.

Don’t be late! – Please be seated by 11.15 am

The webcast will start on time at 11.30 am. Please be seated by no later than 11.15 am – pre-meeting entertainment is assured!

Wear your NSWNMA blue scrubs, or buy them at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre for $20.

Kids are welcome at all the meetings.

You have a professional obligation to take action

When there are systemic problems, you have a professional obligation to speak out. Your action tomorrow is a rare opportunity to show the Government that safer patient care is more important than budgets.

If you strike tomorrow your pay can be docked, but only for the period that you do not work. If you have swapped your shift or are not rostered to work, your pay cannot be docked.

Some managers are directing staff not to strike. If your Branch has endorsed the strike and your ward has guaranteed life-preserving care levels, it is your choice to join the strike.

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