Submission on care and management of people with dementia and BPSD

This submission to a Senate Inquiry was prepared by NSWNMA on behalf of our members and with input from the Quality Aged Care Action Group. We thank those NSWNMA members and QACAG members who provided professional experiences and personal accounts to assist this submission.

Title and Terms of Reference:

The care and management of younger and older Australians living with dementia and behavioural and psychiatric symptoms of dementia (BPSD), including:

(a) the scope and adequacy of the different models of community, residential and acute care for Australians living with  dementia and BPSD, with particular reference to: (i) Commonwealth-provided support and services, (ii) state- and territory-provided services, and (iii) services provided by the non-government sector;

(b) resourcing of those models of care; and

(c) the scope for improving the provision of care and management of Australians living with dementia and BPSD, such as: (i) access to appropriate respite care, and (ii) reduction in the use of both physical and chemical restraints.

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