Nurses and midwives won’t wait for domestic violence leave

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) and its members are calling on NSW Premier, Mike Baird to support 10 days of paid domestic violence leave in the National Employment Standards at tomorrow’s COAG meeting. This year alone, 69 women in Australia have died from domestic violence. On average, 184 incidents of domestic violence are […]

We Won’t Wait for Domestic Violence Leave

The We Won’t Wait 16 Days of Action campaign is about placing pressure on Mike Baird to act before December 9. We need Mike Baird to stand up at the COAG meeting on Friday, December 9 with other State Premiers and support 10 days of paid domestic violence leave in the National Employment Standards. One […]

New research backs push for paid domestic violence leave in more workplaces

A survey of employers’ experiences of paid domestic violence leave in the workplace has produced overwhelmingly positive results for companies and the one in four workers affected by domestic violence. The research has shown that paid domestic leave can be delivered at minimal costs as leave requests are at modest levels. The introduction of paid […]

ANMF takes a stand against domestic violence

The country’s largest union, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) is using its support of the Luke Batty Foundation’s Never Alone campaign against domestic violence, to call for nurses and midwives to be specifically trained in domestic violence, as part of their studies. The ANMF, in partnership with the Never Alone campaign, wants to […]

Support for employees experiencing domestic violence

In June 2010 the NSW Government released the NSW Domestic and Family Violence Action Plan: Stop the Violence, End the Silence, which includes support initiatives that enable employees who have experienced domestic violence to enter or return to the workplace. Employees who experience domestic or family violence will now be able to access certain leave […]

Rosie Batty endorses push for domestic violence leave

The ACTU has welcomed the support of domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty for its claim to give millions of Australian workers access to domestic violence leave. Rosie Batty and Deputy Leader of the Opposition Tanya Plibersek were guest speakers at the Women’s Lunch at the ACTU Congress in Melbourne today. Ms Batty offered her support […]

Unions push for domestic violence leave

White Ribbon Ambassador and ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver said Australian unions will support a special resolution at the ACTU Executive on Tuesday for paid domestic violence leave to be included as a minimum entitlement in the 2014 modern award review. “Australia is already leading the world, with over 1.2 million workers benefiting from access to […]

ACTU addresses United Nations on IWD on its work against domestic violence

Industrial Officer for the ACTU Belinda Tkalcevic will today represent the work of unions on a panel in New York with Australia heralded as a world leader in negotiating paid domestic violence leave for employees. Ms Tkalcevic said, “Australian unions have been fighting for, and won, support for sufferers of domestic and family violence to […]

Domestic Violence Is A Workplace Concern

NSWNA wins family violence clause for Public Health System Nurses’ Award. Employees who experience domestic violence (or family violence as it is now known) will gain access to a range of workplace support measures through the Public Health System Nurses’ Award, thanks to a campaign by the NSWNA and other unions. ‘We want to raise […]

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