Rights, wages and conditions on trial in Abbott’s review

The terms of reference made public today in the media are a complete repudiation of the Abbott Government’s pre-election promise to workers that wholesale changes were not on the agenda, the ACTU said today. “The terms of reference revealed today put the whole workplace system on trial – pay and conditions, rights at work, collective […]

Abbott government green-lights individual contracts

Australian unions are demanding that the Abbott Government drop any attempt to introduce individual contracts that will cut take-home pay. ACTU President Ged Kearney said the Abbott Government has given employers the green light to cut people’s pay under the guise of greater ‘flexibility’. “This is a blatant attempt to cut pay and conditions through individual […]

Where are the jobs, Prime Minister?

Six hundred jobs must be added to the economy every day in order for Mr Abbott to fulfil his election promise to create one million new jobs within five years, Australian Unions said today. ACTU President Ged Kearney called on Prime Minister Abbott to use his first Parliamentary statement of the year to outline his jobs […]

Queenslanders unite to celebrate Medicare

Union members, Medicare staff and one of the architects of the universal health care scheme will mark its 30th anniversary and restate their support for it to remain in public hands. ACTU President Ged Kearney and CPSU Queensland Secretary Bill Marklew will be at Medicare’s Queensland headquarters today [Tuesday 4 February] at noon to cut […]

Nurses and midwives fight to save Medicare

Acting General Secretary of the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA), Judith Kiejda, will today celebrate the 30th anniversary of Medicare’s existence along with other community leaders, health workers and supporters. Update: photos from the event can be seen here. “This Saturday marks 30 years of one of Australia’s greatest achievements,” Ms Kiejda said. “Medicare […]

Kearney tour to give voice to ordinary Australians

ACTU President Ged Kearney will today begin a national two-week tour of workplaces to discuss the dangerous direction being set by the Abbott Government for 2014. Ms Kearney said she will visit postal workers in Sydney, healthcare workers in Melbourne and manufacturing workers in Perth, who are among the hundreds of thousands of Australians shut […]

Abbott attacks low-paid retirement incomes

The Abbott Government’s announcement that it will scrap the 15 percent tax on superannuation income above $100,000 a year, while removing superannuation tax breaks for workers on less than $37,000 per year, shows the new Government is intent on rewarding the wealthy and holds worker’s needs in complete contempt. ACTU President Ged Kearney said the […]

Abbott Govt reveals agenda

The Abbott Government has begun its attack on ordinary workers by drafting laws that cut taxes for big mining companies but scrap programs, including the Low Income Superannuation Contribution, that benefit low and middle-income workers. The draft of the Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2013 released yesterday will hurt millions of […]

Hospitality employers lose bid to cut penalty rates

Low-paid hospitality workers will be the winners from a Fair Work Australia decision to reject a Restaurant and Caterers’ Association bid to scrap penalty rates on Saturdays and Sundays. ACTU president Ged Kearney said the decision recognised the importance of penalty rates in compensating workers for working unsociable hours. “Workers in hospitality should be relieved […]

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