Ten good reasons nurses are taking action

Here are ten good reasons nurses and midwives in NSW are taking action.

10. We can never do as much as we want to do for our patients.

9. We are offended to work for a public system where meeting the budget is more important than safe patient care.

8. We do mentally and physically difficult work, but our work is not valued.

7. It is unfair that we’re expected to work short-staffed because the Government refuses to put patient safety first.

6. Instead of genuinely negotiating with our union, the government is ignoring the profession and the evidence that ratios save lives and save money.

5. It doesn’t make sense to base nursing hours/ratios on the current midnight census or include specials in the nursing hours.

4. We are sick of worrying about ‘near misses’ that happen because of short staffing.

3. We have a professional responsibility to advocate for safe patient care.

2. We know if we don’t do something, things will only get worse.

And the no. 1 reason to participate in the NSWNMA strike action:

1. If we do not participate, the Government will view our lack of participation as supporting its position.

And we don’t support its position!

Join the statewide strike action on 24 July!

10 good reasons nurses are taking action
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