The diversity of our calling

Some seem born to nurse,
Others, nursing chooses them.
Each, their own journey.

short-story-thumbsThis is my take on the traditional Japanese style of poem, the haiku. I wrote this poem to celebrate the diversity of our workforce. While some seems to have had a calling, and see nursing as an essential part of their being, others seem to have fallen into the profession for one reason or another. Either way, we can all appreciate and see a common thread in each other. We see each other caring, and advocating for those who are vulnerable. We use our knowledge, skill and interesting little tricks we’ve picked up along the way to help get the job done, and do it with respect to those in our care. While I cannot claim to have had any sort of ‘calling’ to become a nurse, it is more like, nursing has grown on me. I see it as a natural extension of what is innately human, the desire to help others feel better. Diversity is essential to nursing, we just like our patients, don’t always fit in the boxes, and so we have to think outside the square more than occasionally. So, let’s celebrate our differences and work to our strength!

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