The hands of the clock ….

short-story-thumbsLike a door that leads to another
Humanity’s attempt is revealed
To relieve a challenged life with joy
When the body is in turmoil.

Caring is divine and comes from the heart
Nurses and midwives in rostered shifts
Like angels and Samaritans
Give the fallen a lift.

For time will never fail
To trap the unwary traveller
Caught in the midst of mundane pursuits
Tarry, not hurry.

Genetic links, commitments and time
Smokes, fun nights and lifestyle
A life of earthly pleasures in a polarised world
Not a journey to behold…..

Time is no time for someone in distress
Oodles of thanks to nurses and midwives
Many destinations will be experienced
And hopefully, human potential realized
In no time.

A new leaf unfolds
A new lease on life for the lucky one
Another line added, another page turned
The hands of the clock
Move on…………………

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