The Silent Birth – through the eyes of a midwife

short-story-thumbsAs the child is borne
Sounds retreat,
No beating heart
Or deep breathing
Overrides a
Blanketing Silence

The melody of machines
Reiterate our worst fear
Coming through
The quiet announces,
In strident voice
That that was living
Is no longer.

A child is borne to silence?
No child is silent
When born.
And no room silent
For the genesis
If the birth were
The beginning of one life
Instead of
A brutal mutilation
Of many

The silence is ceased
By maternal scream
But her baby’s lifeless form
Does not react,
And when her tears
Like waves
Upon his
Perfect face
The boy remains sleeping.

She embraces him
Urging him to animate
To see
Her love and adoration
He is still.

Did someone whisper
“Hush” to this child
Order him an eternity
In lifelessness
And punish his innocence
To never see or smell
Outside the womb.

I wish that person would
Allow this baby to cry
Or breath
Just one breath.

Who would
To steal the life
Of an innocent
Before he found
Joys in living?
To shorten time
Between life and death
Such that
Living was never possible
Banishing dreams
Of the future.

Who would
Give parents
False hope
Without opportunity?
To love with no chance
Or having ones child
Grip a finger
Smell thy breasts comfort
And know,
They have found mother;
And have loved mother,
And will love mother.

For the mother will love
The baby that
Didn’t breath
And whose heart
Was not beating
at birth.

And the mother
Will remember this child
That was lost
When merely discovered,
As the perfectly formed
That neither gleamed
Nor twinkled in light
But whispered in darkness
And dreamt in silence.

The mother will never forget
Hearing the baby’s heartbeat
Feeling him kick
And move, and grow
Within the comfort
Of her uterus.

Not can she forget
The framed memory
Of the silent child
Who; like an angel
Lay cradled in her arms,
With serene smile;
As though he was,
Where he belonged.

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