Work Health and Safety Essentials for Nurses and Midwives – NSWNMA 2013


The NSWNMA, in partnership with WorkCover NSW, has produced the 2013 edition of Work Health and Safety Essentials for Nurses and Midwives.

This is the second edition of OHS Essentials for Nurses, now called WHS Essentials for Nurses and Midwives. This revised publication coincides with the introduction of new work health and safety (WHS) legislation, which came into effect in NSW on 1 January 2012.

The legislation introduces a number of new considerations, terminology, standards and penalties, as well as providing ways for workers to participate in how WHS is managed in their workplace. In particular, this legislation provides an opportunity for health care providers and workers to reflect on and review how the work of nurses and midwives has changed and consider how the risks from this work can be effectively eliminated or managed.

Nurses and midwives work in a variety of roles in many different workplaces. This resource has been developed to provide the essentials for all nurses and midwives to meet the challenges of WHS in daily practice.

Download the Essentials (84 pages): NSWNMA Work Health and Safety Essentials for Nurses and Midwives 2013

Watch the Essentials on video in three parts:

Nursing Essentials Pt1 – Essentials for Nurses & Midwives


Nursing Essentials Pt2 – Essentials for supervisors


Nursing Essentials Pt3 – Essentials for officers

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