Industrial issues

Nurses and midwives face a wide range of industrial issues, from knowing their legal rights and entitlements, learning to enforce these in the workplace and health and safety at work.

The NSWNMA has an industrial team that is responsible for negotiation and enforcement of all awards and enterprise agreements within the public health system, private hospital system and aged care sector.

The Association has industrial officers, information officers and legal officers with a vast store of knowlege on state industrial relations law plus enforcement knowledge of awards and enterprise agreements to aid members through any difficult workplace issues that arise.

When it comes to your rights and entitlements at work, NSWNMA Assistant General Secretary Judith Kiejda has the answers. Ask Judith any workplace-related question and we will strive to provide the answer in the next issue of The Lamp.

Health and safety are an important part of everyday working life for nurses and midwives. Laws provide a framework for developing strategies to minimise the risk of injury, but it takes more than laws for a safety culture to develop. The Association also offers accident journey insurance and professional indemnity insurance as part of financial membership.

Members of the NSWNMA  enjoy some of the best pay and conditions in the country. Find out what you’re entitled to in your awards and conditions.